In today’s virtual world, there are quite a good number of opportunities for businesses to host a new expansion and boost their global collaborations. But, the biggest challenge for a business is to conduct payment transactions – internationally from one customer to around their business world.

Traditional methods of transferring money – individuals to banks, banks to beneficiaries, and beneficiaries to their respective banks, is quite complicated. These business transactions involve several flaws, inconsistencies, the uncertainty of costs, and unpredictable delivery timing. In other words, this method of transactions is definitely holding back businesses and their customers to conduct global business transactions.

However, before switching to the new-age cross-border payments, let’s understand what exactly are cross-border payments?

Cross-border payments are held when the payee and the transaction recipient are based in different countries. For most global eCommerce businesses, cross-border payments are an integral part of their day-to-day operations. So businesses need the most secure and cost-efficient way to transfer funds.

But most often, cross-border payments are found expensive, and exchange rates are higher. Also, there are multiple parties involved in the transactions, and depending on the number of intermediary banks involved, the transaction processing time goes for a toss.

The Game Changer: Cross-Border Payments

Cross-border payments have reinvented the wheel. They are playing a vital role in global trade. With the complicated banking infrastructure, transaction insecurities are gone.

Nevertheless, cross-border payments are resolving the hurdles of businesses and have bought in competitive dynamics into the business world. Today, digital cross-border payments are offering exclusive opportunities for businesses to expand their operations across the globe. In addition, the cross-border market is providing the possibility for all (from small to large scale businesses) to open up new revenue streams and expand enormously.

However, cross-border payments have their own shortcomings – they are complex, risky, involves multiple parties, regulations, and currency conversion challenges. Keeping all the challenges in mind, and with an aim to improve the process of cross-border payments with no boundaries, Diamante Blockchain is launching the PayCircle, the most trusted DeFi payment solution for all businesses.

PayCircle is one of the exclusive cross-border payment platforms, readying to launch with cutting-edge distributed ledger technology. It enables global companies to conduct cross-border b2b payments and has simplified global payments with a reliable and growing network across continents. 

PayCircle is a DeFi payment application built for global businesses and individuals. The application allows companies and individuals to Custody, Send & Receive multi-currency (USD/AUD/CAD/EUR/JPY) Fiat and Digital assets (BTC, ETH, ERC20 based tokens and stable coins like USDT) anytime & anywhere, 24/7 and 365 days.

cross border payments PayCircle

Cross-Border Payment Solutions – Borderless Payments for Borderless Economy

  • Funds settlement in less than 5 seconds.
  • Conduct global b2b transactions across 165+ currencies.
  • FDIC insured USD custody.

Built on Diamante Net and forging alliances with local service providers, PayCircle enables businesses and individuals to store, send, and receive, multiple Fiat and digital assets within a highly secured digital wallet. 

PayCircle is the fastest, low-cost, cross-currency, cross-border, and national payments platform for global commerce. 

Blockchain Backed Digital Wallet

PayCircle offers a convenient and instant payment settlement for Fiats & assets stored on its wallet, facilitating:

  • Real-time b2b cross-border payments
  • Peer-to-peer monetary transactions
  • Deposits and withdrawals
  • Instant settlements for international payments

The Most Trusted DeFi Payment Solution for your Businesses

PayCircle offers a single dashboard for businesses and individuals to store and manage payment transactions with multi-currency Fiat and digital assets. Moreover, its all-in-one dashboard enables businesses to easily and rapidly accept Fiat and digital asset payments, including invoicing, checkouts, and subscriptions.

Thus, PayCircle, the DeFi payment solution, and blockchain network facilitates frictionless exchange, trade, and transfer of Fiat and digital assets.

Advanced Protection, Industry-best Security Protocols

PayCircle’s unique and known-counterparty policy fortifies the layers of security, thus ensuring the absolute safety of the assets. Business or individual payments move safely and in an instant from your PayCircle account to the recipient’s PayCircle account. 

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