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PayCircle offers a suite of blockchain-based payment solutions designed to make global transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure. Our all-in-one dashboard enables businesses to easily and rapidly accept Fiat and Digital Assets payments, including invoicing, checkouts, and subscriptions. Our DeFi payment solution and blockchain network facilitate frictionless exchange, trade, and transfer of Fiat and digital assets.

PayCircle: An Ultimate Payment Solution for your Businesses.

Global Access and Attributes

Reach global markets with PayCircle's borderless design, and enable the customers to hold multiple Fiat & digital currencies with a Fiat-to-DA-to-Fiat rail.

Save Time and Cost

The use of low-cost DA networks reduces 2-3% of credit card merchant fees on each transaction reducing settlement time from days to minutes.

Flexible Payments

Payments are accepted in one or multiple varieties of digital assets and Fiat allowing transactions from digital asset wallets or debit cards.

Payments Management

Single dashboard to manage and monitor customers, payments, and products. Send payment requests and automate billing when the payment is due.

Low Transaction Cost

Traditional finance depends on banks or other financial institutions to act as courts and intermediaries to provide arbitration. But there is no need for intermediaries or arbitrators on DeFi applications. The users exercise absolute control over their funds, and the code stipulates the resolution of possible disputes. This significantly reduces the costs accompanying the use of these products, allowing a frictionless financial architecture.

PayCircle Low Transaction Cost

Key Features

Mullticurreny wallet

Multi-currency wallet

Wallet is compatible and allows storage of multiple Fiat currencies and digital assets

custody as a wallet

Custody as a wallet

The wallet holder has absolute control over the Fiat and assets stored inside the wallet as its sole custodian

send and receive digital assets

Send/receive digital assets

Send or receive digital assets instantly and at the lowest transaction rates with friends and partners globally

PayCircle decentralized payment

Decentralized payment

Elimination of the usual intermediaries from the payment processing operations powered by a decentralized architecture.