Benefits of PayCircle

Blockchain infrastructure

Allows relatively speedy and low-cost transaction settlements, irrespective of the user’s place and time.

Digital Payment Security

Ensures enhanced security of the financial contracts and facilitates contract automation utilizing blockchain immutability.

Reliability of electronic payments

Forges a bond of reliability through advanced visibility of the transactions while guaranteeing zero payment failure.

total conrol
Absolute control

Users remain in absolute control of their assets without any interference from any intermediary through complete possession of their private keys within the PayCircle ecosystem.

transparency in digital payments

All transactions and user information that gets communicated within the PayCircle space is validated by the transparency protocol to minimize the opacity of the processes usually attached to traditional payment processing.

Key Features of Individual Account

store digital

Load/Store Digital Assets & Fiat

FDIC insured Fiat and DA custody in single wallet. Direct loading facility of DA from wallet and Fiat from bank account via ACH/Wire/Checks/Credit and Debit Cards.

send and receive funds

Send/Receive Digital Assets & Fiat

Send or receive Digital Assets and Fiat to your family and customers globally.

digital payment security and protection

Fraud Protection with Advanced Security

Absolute security of transactions from source to settlement, with a novel network design payment value guarantee against any fraud attempt.

global payments

Instant Global Settlements

Fast and easy transactions in multiple Fiat and DA, across the world with industry best conversion rates and without any foreign exchange fees.

cost effective

Cost-Effective Platform

Lowest transaction fees with no hidden or additional charges.

best digital price

Best Digital Asset Prices

Enables individuals to buy digital assets at the best market price from affiliated exchanges.

grow your business

All-in-One Keep-Safe for Digital Assets

Allows you to take complete control of all your digital assets enabling storage on your device.

Multi-Asset Support

Manage BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, and all your ERC-20 tokens.

Secure storage

All your keys are protected with Secure Enclave and advanced authentication technology.

Sophisticated Security Protocols

Two Factor Authentications

Multi-Factor Authentication augments the security of your account to prevent unauthorized login. It requires you to verify your identity using a randomized code that we'll send you each time you attempt to log in.

Private Keys Control

We make sure that you have absolute control of your private keys in a secure digital asset ecosystem ensured by advanced and sophisticated security mechanisms to prevent any kind of breach or hack attempt.

White Hat Hackers Security

We are constantly upgrading our security protocols with White Hat Hackers and Security Platform including bug bounty programs putting a lot of effort into our application, infrastructure, and processes to ensure user security.