TOP 5 B2B Payments Applications

Because the world requires to pursue business and conduct infinite B2B payments across the globe, every day. 

Yes! You’ve heard it right. Straight to the point, B2B payments differ from B2C. Payments between businesses are a little complicated and require a lot of streamlined payment processing systems. The business market has grown and is only considering the most advanced and easy B2B payment applications. As of now, we have listed out the popular B2B payment applications that are being widely used and accepted!


PayPal is the most popular payment application in the B2B space. The application allows businesses to conduct payments between their merchants with just one click. Once the payment is made via the PayPal application, companies can also send a custom invoice to another business email. The invoices are easy to manage. These can be scheduled in advance. Also, the application made it easy to accept installment payments. 

PayPal also offers various premium payment features. Businesses can opt for these features by upgrading the plan to PayPal Payments Pro by paying the specified monthly charges. This will let you accept payments via phone, mail, and fax as well. In addition to this, businesses can also design and host an online checkout experience for wholesale buyers.


Square offers diversified B2B payment solutions in the market. The application is easy to use with no monthly fees or subscription charges. 

Also, Square offers solutions to the growing business markets. It has designed industry-specific solutions with particular packages. These are for offers for restaurants, retail, etc.

These solutions include an online store, team management, card swipe reader, point-of-sale software, business analytics, customer directory, gift cards for customers, etc. These solutions are free to use. 

Whereas Square also has premium solutions for an additional price. They include Payroll, Loyalty, Marketing, Photo Studio, etc. It also offers other financial services such as Instalments, Capital (a loan service), Business Debit Card.

The Square application best suits mid-sized businesses that are looking forward to expanding their business. 


PayCircle is the most trusted DeFi payment solution for businesses. PayCircle offers a suite of blockchain-based payment solutions designed to conduct cross-border payments and make global transactions faster, cheaper, and more secure. The all-in-one dashboard enables businesses to easily and rapidly accept Fiat and Digital Assets payments, including invoicing, checkouts, and subscriptions. It also allows frictionless exchange, trade, and transfer of Fiat and digital assets globally.

Interestingly, PayCircle allows transactions in 165+ currencies with flexible payment options and automated billing when the payment is due. The use of low-cost DA networks reduces 2-3% of credit card merchant fees on each transaction, reducing settlement time from days to minutes.

The decentralized architecture of PayCircle had eliminated the usual intermediaries from the payment processing operations.


Well, Stripe is one of the most popular B2B payment processors. The Stripe application is exclusively designed to smoothen the easy-to-connect integrations and streamline the payment process with an open API.

Stripe offers easy functionality in billing, payment gateway, and merchant account. However, Stripe also offers a few subscription management services, but businesses will need to integrate them with a more robust platform for additional functionality.

Anyways, Stripe will be a great payment tool for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. They also offer customized pricing to the companies that are expanding.


For companies that make quite a lot of international B2B payments, then Transpay is for you! 

Transpay is a cross-border B2B payment platform that supports around 200 countries in 60 currencies. Transpay has eliminated the high currency conversion fees, which stands as a benefit for small businesses.

So businesses can directly transact funds from their US bank account to their recipient’s local bank account in their local currency. The transaction fee is lower than the bank wire charges.


So, you can make a comparative study and choose the best B2B payment platform based on your company size. However, a little research might help you and your business save a lot! 

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